Megan Ah You nameplate

The process that I utilize creates form from chaos. Through that form I derive meaning. Rather than imposing an image or idea on a piece, I search for what exists in the initial layers, and help it grow. This is indicative of the importance of my connection to nature and place.

I have an interest in the parallels of landscape and identity. Both are alive and ever changing. Both built up by layers. This body of work is about self-acceptance and allowing each of us opportunities to flourish and grow. As human beings, we have a tendency to suppress certain aspects of ourselves to meet culturally imposed expectations. When we let go, and embrace that which is innate, we find that our experience becomes meaningful and alive. These growing living forms relate to the idea that when we give over to what we are, we allow those previously suppressed characteristics to bloom. This intuitive exploration of the chaos is liberating in a similar way that coming to terms with who I am has been.

The tactile aspect of my work is important. I can’t truly connect to a place without touching it, letting it touch me. Likewise, if I don’t interact with the medium, I haven’t connected to the artwork. When we dig in and explore life and who we are, we create opportunity to learn, find potential that we didn’t know was there. In the end, what emerges from our explorations is authenticity.